China Ah Kan Chin Mino Riantuanmi Tlaih An Tong, Nulepa Lungretheih In An Um!


China Ah Kan Chin Mino Riantuanmi Tlaih An Tong, Nulepa Lungretheih In An Um! China ah kan Chin mino hnatuan kaih an tuar, an dam lo, an hlo. Nu le pa mangbang in in phone, an thinharnak pawl phur ve vekin ka um, ka thin a har, ka thinlung le taksa tla a bang zet.

Ka tuah thei mi um sun cu, Police ka phone, China ram sung a hawl thei tu ding mi sut, ILO contact sak, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) le Ministry of Labour pawl contact tuah sak. Hitin kan buai rero hi a rei tuk zo. Tu hrilawknak (election) theh cun, Cozah lam ihsin lamzin kan hawl sak a tul thlang. Kan mino pawl dan sung ihsin sahim ten hna an tuan thei ding a thupi. Cumi hrang tawl rel zang zang a tul. Culocun, a bang thlak tuk. Note: China ram hnatuan ah tlangmi dang dang le Kawl pawl tla an um—an zaten harsatnak an tong dang a bang aw theh a tlangpi in. Curuangah miphun dang unau pawl thawn tla kan tuan tlang a tul ding.

Our Chin youths working in China as illegal migrant workers got arrested, disappeared, got sick. Their parents are so worried and ask me for help. I feel their worry, their pain and it exhausts me emotionally and physically. The only things I can do: Call the police in Muse or Nay Pyi Taw, contact the people in China who can find the whereabouts of those migrant workers, write letter to ILO and pass on to MOFA and Ministry of Labour. Its been going like this for too long. We need to fix it . We need to ensure the migrant workers can work legally and safely. After this election, we need to fix this- otherwise I am so do damn tired. Note: There are many ethnic groups including Bama people from the heartland who illegally work in China and they have face these problems. Its about time we need to do something together. Credit:  Cheery Zahau