Mak ko cang:Obama nih Min Aung Hlaing a tthuat cang hi.


USA President hlun a simi Barack Obama nih Kawlram kong a vun chim ve taktak ko cang. Barack Obama hi USA President a si lio ah Kawlram tiang a rak phan, Aung San Suu Kyi he an i tong i Kawlram mipi hmai ah biachim nak zong an ngei. Tutan Aung San Suu Kyi ralkap nih an tlaih i thong an thlak tthan tikah ziah Obama hi a holh bal ve hrim lo e an ti cio, a si nain tuzaan ahcun a celh ve ti lo a si lai, Kawlram kong fak ngai in a chim ve taktak cang.

Obama nih a catial mi chung ah “Vawlei mipi dihlak thinlung le ruahnak cu Kawlram cung lawng te ah a um ko. Ralkap nih rapthlak tuk in thil an tuah ruang ah vawleipi nih cuanh cio asi. Hramhram in mipi uknak a latu Ralkap, phungning loin rampi uknak a chut tu hna cu zeitik hmanh ah cohlan an si lai lo bantuk in, aho hmanh nih an cohlang kho hna lai lo, Kawlram minung nih an cohlang kho hrimhrim hna lai lo” ti bantuk zong in a langhter mi hmuh khawh a si.

Cun “America Cozah, President Joe Biden nih tulio Kawlram buainak kong a cawlcanghnak zong a thangthat fawn i thazaang peknak bia zong biatak tein Barack Obma nih a chim fawn”.

Cu lawng si loin “Kawl ralkap cu mithat Lainawng tu an si timi Lainawng timi biafang zong a hman fawn. Lainawng hna thil tuahnak ruang ah ram mipi nih fahnak, temhtuar nak phun kip an tuar tthan timi hi pawngkam ram dihlak zong nih an theih piak hna ding a si timi bia a chim fawn. Cu pin ah tulio Kawlram mipi cawlcanghnak, mino cawlcanghnak le ralkap dohnak ah a cawlcangh mi hruaitu pawl cung zong ah thangthat tlak an sinak a langhter fawn. Barack Obma a biachim rel tikah a lungfak tuk ve, Min Aung Hlaing le aminung cung ah Lainawng, misual timi biafang tiang in a hman cang mi hmuh khawh asi. A taang mirang ca hi a tial ning tein kan tarlangh tthan mi asi.

The world’s attention must remain on Myanmar, where I’ve been appalled by heartbreaking violence against civilians and inspired by the nationwide movement that represents the voice of the people. The military’s illegitimate and brutal effort to impose its will after a decade of greater freedoms will clearly never be accepted by the people and should not be accepted by the wider world.

I support efforts by the Biden Administration and like-minded countries to impose costs on the military and support a return to a democratic path. Myanmar’s neighbors should recognize that a murderous regime rejected by the people will only bring greater instability, humanitarian crisis, and the risk of a failed state. Within Myanmar, those who seek a future rooted in democratic principles should continue to forge solidarity across ethnic and religious groups. These are dark times, but I have been moved by the unity, resilience, and commitment to democratic values demonstrated by so many Burmese, which offers hope for the kind of future Myanmar can have through leaders who respect the will of the people.

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