Ngakchia ni 5 te lawng a simi cuarpar an tan ka hmuhmi ka zaangfak tuk

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Ngakchia ni 5 te lawng a simi cuarpar an tan ka hmuhmi ka zaangfak tuk. An cuarpar an tanmi hna cu a theih hmanh an thei te lailo nain ka zoh hna an tah ka hmuh ka ngaihchiat ning. Ka mitthli a hai. A hnem tu hmanh ah ‘Nu’ a ngei lo. Ka celh lo. A mah cu ka mang ah zarhkhat chung bak ka manh. A dam hnga maw? Zeidah a lawh hnga? A nu nih voikhat tel a rak veh hnga maw ti ka ruat. A nu nih a rak veh bal lo. A mah cu a nu nih naupawi lio ah sii tha lo pawl a rak din mi ruang ahkhan ‘border baby’ an ti hna le an chuah kaa ah sii a cak ngaimi an pek hna lo ahcun an thi kho ti si. A hmaizarh kan kal than ahcun a mah kha zeitin dah a si thai timi lawng te ka hal hna. Foster care ah an chiah. Foster parents pawl an tha tuk le hnangam. Mirum Pakhat sining la Mah nausem pawl cu Kai cawm dih bak hna lai.

I had the chance to go to Maternity Unit for one of my clinical rotations and I love being in the nursery. I love holding the teeny tiny humans. They are all so freaking cute. I had the chance to see many babies that went home to a loving family and ones that are also abandoned right after birth as well. It was heart breaking to see the precious babies suffer because of the moms/parents bad decisions.

I also had the chance to see a circumcision and boy, I am traumatized! There was this particular baby that I was so worried about because he had the procedures done. I literally had tears in my eyes seeing him scream his lungs out. He was a border baby, meaning, his mom did illicit drugs while she was pregnant. I literally dreamt about him for a whole week. Found out, he went to foster care. Was never seen by his mom. I swear, if I have the power, I would become a heroine for these precious babies. 

Maternity clinical rotations is coming to an end (only two more weeks). Our clinical instructor is a fountain of knowledge and this is by far my favorite out of all the clinical I’ve been (throughout my nursing careers). I feel bittersweeet about this. I definitely want to work in nursery or NICU upon graduations. Credit: Katie Van Zi