USA:Election cu a linsa chin’Lamang cang ko’Thildik a chuak thlumah cang hi.


US thimnak kong le mee um kalning hi Update tuah thluahmah kan i zuam lai’rak tuah law na duhmi thawngpang acaan hman te ah na rel khawh peng lai. Trump siseh Biden siseh thangchiatnak phunphai asi lai lo. BBC, ABC, FOX, NTD, OAN, The Epoch Times zoh chih thluahmah an si lai.

Khuaruahhar a si chin lengmang ko cang. Zeitindah thil asi hoi ne… Trump Team nih an timi cu Nevada ah minung 40,000 nak tam nih mee voihnih cio an thla tiah an ti cang. President Donald Trump attorney Jesse R.Binnall nih Fox Business ah a chimning ahcun, Nevada ah minung 40,000 nih mee voihnih cio an thlakmi ruangah Silver State court ah lawsuit kan file than lai. Zeitindah mah thil hi an theih khawh ning asi timi tehte cu court hmaiah kan dir tikah ah kan langhter dih te lai tiah a ti.

Trump attorney Jesse R. Binnall,speaking to Fox Business Wednesday, said that they found evidence of “real voter fraud” including “thousands of thousands of instances” in Nevada that will be submitted to a court in the Silver State. There are “instances of 40,000-plus people who have voted twice in the election,” Tindall remarked. He did not provide a source, such as an affidavit or a whistleblower, for his claim but later said lawyers will present evidence to the court. Hibantuk hi asi tak tak ko ahcun, Biden caah ningzak ngai ngai asi lai. A tu hi Trump Team nih Silver State ah lawsuit an file colh lai tiah report nih achim.

PENSYLVANIA MEE 288,000 A TLAU: Nizan Arlington, Va, press conference tuahnak ah Phill Kline, director of the Thomas More Foundation’s Amistad Project a chimmi bia nih Americans mipi a lau ter dih hna. Phill Kline nih achimmi, New York in Pensylvania lei ah Mee 288,000 cu truck in phurh asi. Nain mah vialte mee cu khuika dah a um ti theih asi ti lo tiah achim. As many as 288,000 ballots for the 2020 U.S. election “disappeared” in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after being transported by truck from New York, according to Phill Kline, the director of the legal group Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project.

Kline hi cu hlanah district attorney le Kansas attorney general a rak si. Tu hi Thomas More Foundation’s Amistad ah Director in a um. NY in Pensylvania leiah mee 288,000 a phurtu hi Kline nih atheihmi minung asi. Amah cu, USPS subcontractor Jesse Morgan asi. Amah nih achimmi cu, Oct.21 ah khan NY in Pensylvania lei ah truck khat teinh mee 288,000 phurh asi. A hnu ah mee 288,000 phurtu truck le ballots vialte cu Lancaster phanh pi hnu ah khuazei dah an tlau dih timi theih asi ti lo tiah ati.

Mr. Kline le Jesse Morgan nih an chimmi hi amah pumpak inn le mi sawhsawh sinah asi lo. US ramchung nawlngeitu senate le justice mithmai bakah achimmi asi caah hibantuk thil hi lih asi lai ti zumh a har tuk cang. Cu caah tutan thil sining zoh tikah timh ahlankan tein ciammam in thil tuahmi asi ko ti hi ruah khawh asi cang. US thimnak hi ruahnak leng in a thurhnawm ti fiang tein a lang cang.Daily Chinstar