More than 20 homes were destroyed in a clash in Munnu Village in Katha Township

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December , 7 ,2022

Sagaing Division Katha District Katha Township Yesterday, December 6, near Munnu Village. Residents reported that there was a clash in the morning and houses in Munnu village were burnt down.

“As soon as the convoy entered the village, the people of the village had to flee. After hearing the sounds of shooting and attacking, more than 20 houses in the village burned down. Out of the 160 houses in the village, more than 20 houses burned down. Some pets died, but there were no casualties,” said a local philanthropist.

Regarding the incident, a person close to the security team of Katha District said, “More than 20 houses were burnt down. When we cleared the area around the encounter, we found some bodies of men wearing ABSDF uniforms, 1 M22 gun, 40 rounds of ammunition, 2 casings and other related items.”

Recently, on the morning of December 4th, Sagaing Division Katha District Hyo Chain Township Near Kyauk Ai Village and Shwe Chaung Village. According to the local residents, more than 160 houses were burnt down during the clashes.

Last November 29, around 10:00 in the morning, Hyo Chain Township. A skirmish took place near the village of Midtaw, and more than 250 houses in the village were destroyed by fire.

Also, on November 22, Sagaing Division On November 25, around 300 houses were burnt down in Kanba Lu Township and more than 80 houses were burnt down in Ertao Township on November 25.